Asus charger 19V 6.3A 120W 5.5-2.5mm Compatible

Asus charger 19V 6.3A 120W 5.5-2.5mm Compatible

Tax included

Voltage: 19V

Current: 6.3A

Power: 120W

DC Size: 5.5-2.5mm

Asus G51

Asus G51-VX

Asus G51J

Asus G51JV

Asus G51JX

Asus G51Jx

Asus G51MP-36B

Asus G51V

Asus G51VX

Asus G51X

Asus G51XJ

Asus G51XV

Asus G60

Asus G60J

Asus G60JX

Asus G60V

Asus G60VX

Asus K73

Asus K73E

Asus K73S

Asus K73SD

Asus K73SJ

Asus K73SM

Asus K73SV

Toshiba Satellite Pro

Toshiba Satellite S70-B

Asus X93SV

Toshiba Qosmio F750

Toshiba Qosmio F755

Toshiba Satellite A500D

Toshiba Satellite A505

Toshiba Satellite L500D

Toshiba Satellite L505D

Toshiba Satellite L550D

Toshiba Satellite P500

Toshiba Satellite A200

Toshiba Satellite A210

Toshiba Satellite A300

Toshiba Satellite A300D

Toshiba Satellite A305

Toshiba Satellite A350

Toshiba Satellite A350D

Toshiba Satellite L300D

Asus K73T

Asus K73TK

Toshiba Satellite L850

Toshiba Satellite L855

Toshiba Satellite L875

Asus X750LN

Toshiba Satellite P50

Toshiba Satellite P50-A

Toshiba Satellite P50-B

Toshiba Satellite P50t

Toshiba Satellite P50t-A

Toshiba Satellite P50t-B

Toshiba Satellite S50

Toshiba Satellite S50-A

Toshiba Satellite S50t

Toshiba Satellite S50t-A

Toshiba Satellite A600

Toshiba Satellite A655

Toshiba Satellite A660

Toshiba Satellite A665

Toshiba Satellite P750

Toshiba Satellite P755

Toshiba Satellite P770

Toshiba Satellite P775

Asus K73J

Asus K73JK






MSI GE70 Apache


Toshiba Satellite L70

Toshiba Satellite L70-A

Toshiba Satellite L70-B

Toshiba Satellite P70

Toshiba Satellite P70-A

Toshiba Satellite P70-B

Toshiba Satellite P850

Toshiba Satellite P850D

Toshiba Satellite P855

Toshiba Satellite P855D

Toshiba Satellite P870

Toshiba Satellite P875

Toshiba Satellite S70

Toshiba DynaBook Satellite

























Medion Akoya P6815

Medion Akoya P6816

Medion Erazer X6815

Medion Erazer X6816

Medion MD97888

Medion MD99040

Toshiba Satellite P50T-A

Toshiba Satellite P50T-B

Toshiba Satellite S50T-A

Asus G56

Asus G56JK

Asus G56JR

Asus K55VM

Asus G55

Asus G55VW

Asus G50

Asus G50E

Asus G50G

Asus G50J

Asus G50T

Asus G50V

Asus G50VM

Asus G50VT

Asus G50VT-X5

Asus G50XM

Asus G70

Asus G70S

Asus G70Sg

Asus G70SG

Asus G70V

Toshiba Satellite P200

Toshiba Satellite P200D

Toshiba Satellite P205D

Toshiba Satellite P300

Toshiba Satellite P300D

Toshiba Qosmio F40

Toshiba Qosmio F45

Toshiba Satellite A30

Toshiba Satellite A35

Toshiba Satellite A60

Toshiba Satellite A65

Toshiba Satellite A70

Toshiba Satellite A75

Toshiba Satellite M30X

Toshiba Satellite P10

Toshiba Satellite P20

Toshiba Satellite P30

Toshiba Satellite P35

Asus F750

Asus F750J

Asus F750JA

Asus F750JB

Asus F750L

Asus F750LA

Asus F750LB

Asus G51JX-FHD

Asus G51MP

Asus R750

Asus R750J

Asus R750JK

Asus R750JV

Asus X750

Asus X750J

Asus X750JA

Asus X750JB

Asus X750JN

Asus X750L

Asus X750LA

Asus X750LA-BS51

Asus X750LA-QS32

Asus X750LB

Medion Erazer X6813


















Toshiba Qosmio F50

Toshiba Satego P200

Toshiba Satellite P50T

Asus K93

Asus K93S

Asus K93SM

Asus K93SV

Asus K95V

Asus Pro91S

Asus Pro91SM

Asus Pro91SV

Asus X93S

Asus X93SM

Asus X93SV-YZ221V

Toshiba PA3290E

Toshiba PA3290U

Acer Aspire 1500

Acer Aspire 1510

Acer Aspire 1600

Acer Aspire 1601

Acer Aspire 1602

Acer Aspire 1603

Acer Aspire 1604

Acer TravelMate 242FX

Acer TravelMate 243X

Acer TravelMate 243XH

Acer TravelMate 243Xi

Acer TravelMate 244LC

Acer TravelMate 244LCi

Acer TravelMate 250

Acer TravelMate 250LC

Acer TravelMate 250LCi

Acer TravelMate 250P

Acer TravelMate 250PE

Acer TravelMate 250PEXC

Acer TravelMate 252ELC

Acer TravelMate 252ELCi

Acer TravelMate 254ELCi

Asus C90

Asus C90S

Asus G70G

Asus N750JV

Asus NX90

Asus NX90JN

Asus NX90JQ

Asus NX90SN

Asus Pro77

Asus Pro77SV

Asus Pro91

Asus Z80

Asus Z80D

Asus Z80DC

Asus Z80G

Asus Z80H

Asus Z80K

Asus Z80L

Asus Z80S

Asus Z80T

Gateway 7110

Gateway 7210

Gateway 7300

Gateway 7310

Gateway 7320

Gateway 7330

Gateway 7405

Gateway 7410

Gateway 7415

Gateway 7420

Gateway 7422

Gateway P



HP Compaq nx9500

HP Compaq nx9500A

HP Pavilion zd7000

HP Pavilion zd7000a

HP Pavilion zd7001EA

HP Pavilion zd7001US

HP Pavilion zd7005

HP Pavilion zd7005EA

HP Pavilion zd7005QV

HP Pavilion zd7005US

HP Pavilion zd7009

HP Pavilion zd7009EA

HP Pavilion zd7010CA

HP Pavilion zd7010EA

HP Pavilion zd7010QV

HP Pavilion zd7010US

HP Pavilion zd7012

HP Pavilion zd7012EA

HP Pavilion zd7015

HP Pavilion zd7015EA

HP Pavilion zd7015US

HP Pavilion zd7020

HP Pavilion zd7020EA

HP Pavilion zd7020QV

HP Pavilion zd7020US

HP Pavilion zd7030EA

HP Pavilion zd7030US

HP Pavilion zd7035

HP Pavilion zd7035EA

HP Pavilion zd7038

HP Pavilion zd7038EA

HP Pavilion zd7040EA

HP Pavilion zd7040US

HP Pavilion zd7045

HP Pavilion zd7045EA

HP Pavilion zd7048cl

HP Pavilion zd7048CL

HP Pavilion zd7048EA

HP Pavilion zd7049

HP Pavilion zd7049EA

HP Pavilion zd7050EA

HP Pavilion zd7050US

HP Pavilion zd7055

HP Pavilion zd7055EA

HP Pavilion zd7058

HP Pavilion zd7058CL

HP Pavilion zd7060

HP Pavilion zd7060EA

HP Pavilion zd7063

HP Pavilion zd7063EA

HP Pavilion zd7065

HP Pavilion zd7065EA

HP Pavilion zd7066

HP Pavilion zd7066EA

HP Pavilion zd7070

HP Pavilion zd7070EA

HP Pavilion zd7080

HP Pavilion zd7080EA

HP Pavilion zd7100

HP Pavilion zd7101

HP Pavilion zd7101US

HP Pavilion zd7102

HP Pavilion zd7102US

HP Pavilion zd7112

HP Pavilion zd7112EA

HP Pavilion zd7120

HP Pavilion zd7120EA

HP Pavilion zd7128

HP Pavilion zd7128EA

HP Pavilion zd7129

HP Pavilion zd7129EA

HP Pavilion zd7131

HP Pavilion zd7131EA

HP Pavilion zd7139

HP Pavilion zd7139EA

HP Pavilion zd7140

HP Pavilion zd7255EA

HP Pavilion zd7256

HP Pavilion zd7256EA

HP Pavilion zd7257

HP Pavilion zd7257EA

HP Pavilion zd7258

HP Pavilion zd7380

HP Pavilion zv5000

HP Pavilion zv5000t

HP Pavilion zv5000z

HP Pavilion zv5001US

HP Pavilion zv5002US

HP Pavilion zv5030CA

HP Pavilion zv5030US

HP Pavilion zv5034US

HP Pavilion zv5037WM

HP Pavilion zv5100

HP Pavilion zv5101US

HP Pavilion zv5103

HP Pavilion zv5105US

HP Pavilion zv5120CA

HP Pavilion zv5120US

HP Pavilion zv5151EA

HP Pavilion zv5157EA

HP Pavilion zv5159EA

HP Pavilion zv5160CA

HP Pavilion zv5160EA

HP Pavilion zv5160US

HP Pavilion zv5161EA

HP Pavilion zv5166EA

HP Pavilion zv5167EA

HP Pavilion zv5168EA

HP Pavilion zv5169CL

HP Pavilion zv5169EA

HP Pavilion zv5171EA

HP Pavilion zv5172EA

HP Pavilion zv5173EA

HP Pavilion zv5175EA

HP Pavilion zv5176EA

HP Pavilion zv5177EA

HP Pavilion zv5178EA

HP Pavilion zv5179EA

HP Pavilion zv5180EA

HP Pavilion zv5183EA

HP Pavilion zv5185EA

HP Pavilion zv5187EA

HP Pavilion zv5188EA

HP Pavilion zv5191EA

HP Pavilion zv5200

HP Pavilion zv5200EA

HP Pavilion zv5200T

HP Pavilion zv5201

HP Pavilion zv5201EA

HP Pavilion zv5214EA

HP Pavilion zv5215AP

HP Pavilion zv5215EA

HP Pavilion zv5216AP

HP Pavilion zv5216EA

HP Pavilion zv5217AP

HP Pavilion zv5217EA

HP Pavilion zv5218EA

HP Pavilion zv5219EA

HP Pavilion zv5220CA

HP Pavilion zv5220EA

HP Pavilion zv5220US

HP Pavilion zv5221EA

HP Pavilion zv5222EA

HP Pavilion zv5223EA

HP Pavilion zv5310EA

HP Pavilion zv5310US

HP Pavilion zv5315EA

HP Pavilion zv5316US

HP Pavilion zv5320CA

HP Pavilion zv5320EA

HP Pavilion zv5320US

HP Pavilion zv5321EA

HP Pavilion zv5322EA

HP Pavilion zv5323EA

HP Pavilion zv5324EA

HP Pavilion zv5325CA

HP Pavilion zv5325EA

HP Pavilion zv5326EA

HP Pavilion zv5326us

HP Pavilion zv5327EA

HP Pavilion zv5328EA

HP Pavilion zv5329EA

HP Pavilion zv5330ca

HP Pavilion zv5330CA

HP Pavilion zv5330EA

HP Pavilion zv5412EA

HP Pavilion zv5413EA

HP Pavilion zv5414EA

HP Pavilion zv5415CA

HP Pavilion zv5415EA

HP Pavilion zv5416EA

HP Pavilion zv5417EA

HP Pavilion zv5418EA

HP Pavilion zv5419EA

HP Pavilion zv5420CA

HP Pavilion zv5420EA

HP Pavilion zv5420US

HP Pavilion zv5421EA

HP Pavilion zv5422EA

HP Pavilion zv5425EA

HP Pavilion zv5430US

HP Pavilion zv5434RS

HP Pavilion zv5438EA

HP Pavilion zv5440EA

HP Pavilion zv5440US

HP Pavilion zv5443RS

HP Pavilion zv5445US

HP Pavilion zv5446EA

HP Pavilion zv5450CA

HP Pavilion zv5450EA

HP Pavilion zv5450US

HP Pavilion zv5452EA

HP Pavilion zv5454RS

HP Pavilion zv5455EA

HP Pavilion zv5455US


Medion Akoya E8410

Medion Akoya Extreme

Medion Akoya P8610

Medion Akoya P8611

Medion Akoya P8612

Medion Akoya P8613

Medion Akoya P8614

Medion Akoya P9613

Medion Akoya P9614

Medion Akoya X9611

Medion Akoya X9613

Medion Erazer X7611

Medion Erazer X7613

Medion Erazer X7812

Medion MD96668

Medion MD96687

Medion MD96853

Medion MD96893

Medion MD96922

Medion MD96942

Medion MD96945

Medion MD96958

Medion MD96978

Medion MD96988

Medion MD97009

Medion MD97018

Medion MD97081

Medion MD97096

Medion MD97102

Medion MD97131

Medion MD97206

Medion MD97207

Medion MD97222

Medion MD97226

Medion MD97228

Medion MD97256

Medion MD97257

Medion MD97289

Medion MD97291

Medion MD97292

Medion MD97318

Medion MD97319

Medion MD97320

Medion MD97339

Medion MD97363

Medion MD97374

Medion MD97377

Medion MD97386

Medion MD97389

Medion MD97391

Medion MD97397

Medion MD97398

Medion MD97444

Medion MD97449

Medion MD97451

Medion MD97456

Medion MD97459

Medion MD97461

Medion MD97469

Medion MD97471

Medion MD97485

Medion MD97490

Medion MD97524

Medion MD97525

Medion MD97526

Medion MD97534

Medion MD97552

Medion MD97555

Medion MD97584

Medion MD97596

Medion MD97601

Medion MD97629

Medion MD97693

Medion MD97697

Medion MD97761

Medion MD97762

Medion MD97784

Medion MD97824

Medion MD97826

Medion MD97831

Medion MD97832

Medion MD97833

Medion MD97838

Medion MD97855

Medion MD97862

Medion MD97871

Medion MD97898

Medion MD97919

Medion MD97921

Medion MD97948

Medion MD97969

Medion MD97971

Medion MD97972

Medion MD97978

Medion MD97986

Medion MD97993

Medion MD98012

Medion MD98059

Medion MD98061

Medion MD98103

Medion MD98104

Medion MD98110

Medion MD98176

Medion MD98191

Medion MD98234

Medion MD98294

Medion MD98296

Medion MD98310

Medion MD98320

Medion MD98346

Medion MD98470

Medion MD98541

Medion MD98542

Medion MD98543

Medion MD98677

Medion MD98795

Medion MD98796

Medion MD98802

Medion MD98961

Medion MD99044

Medion MD99057

Medion MD99058

Medion MD99123

Medion MD99174

Medion MD99362

Medion MD99363

Medion N8016

Medion N8017

Medion N8018

Medion N8026

Medion N8037

Medion N8043

Medion N8051

Medion N8067


Toshiba DX730

Toshiba DX730-00J

Toshiba DX730-01C

Toshiba Equium A60

Toshiba Qosmio DX730

Toshiba Qosmio F55

Toshiba Qosmio G50

Toshiba Qosmio G55

Toshiba Qosmio PX30T

Toshiba Qosmio PX30T-A

Toshiba Satellite L70-C

Toshiba Satellite M30X1592ST

Toshiba Satellite M30X1593ST

Toshiba Satellite P50-C

Toshiba Satellite P50T-C

Toshiba Satellite S50T

Asus ADP

Asus PA-1121

HP 361072


Toshiba ADP

Toshiba AP13AD01

Toshiba PA-1121

Toshiba PA3381E

Toshiba PA3381U

Toshiba PA3717U

Toshiba PA5083U

Toshiba PA5181U

Medion MSN10014346

Medion MSN30007963

Medion MSN30008090

Medion MSN30008091

Medion MSN30008092

Medion MSN30008093

Medion MSN30008655

Medion MSN30008807

Medion MSN30008808

Medion MSN30008809

Medion MSN30008821

Medion MSN30008871

Medion MSN30008878

Medion MSN30008901

Medion MSN30008917

Medion MSN30009006

Medion MSN30009023

Medion MSN30009060

Medion MSN30009098

Medion MSN30009158

Medion MSN30009175

Medion MSN30009286

Medion MSN30009302

Medion MSN30009416

Medion MSN30009455

Medion MSN30009572

Medion MSN30009573

Medion MSN30009611

Medion MSN30009687

Medion MSN30009718

Medion MSN30009719

Medion MSN30009740

Medion MSN30009934

Medion MSN30010020

Medion MSN30010074

Medion MSN30010075

Medion MSN30010141

Medion MSN30010180

Medion MSN30010183

Medion MSN30010231

Medion MSN30010339

Medion MSN30010351

Medion MSN30010352

Medion MSN30010401

Medion MSN30010428

Medion MSN30010433

Medion MSN30010452

Medion MSN30010453

Medion MSN30010528

Medion MSN30010563

Medion MSN30010578

Medion MSN30010579

Medion MSN30010613

Medion MSN30010704

Medion MSN30010723

Medion MSN30010761

Medion MSN30010765

Medion MSN30010766

Medion MSN30010767

Medion MSN30010793

Medion MSN30010802

Medion MSN30010809

Medion MSN30010824

Medion MSN30010869

Medion MSN30010870

Medion MSN30010871

Medion MSN30010875

Medion MSN30010881

Medion MSN30010882

Medion MSN30010912

Medion MSN30010913

Medion MSN30010958

Medion MSN30011000

Medion MSN30011008

Medion MSN30011036

Medion MSN30011037

Medion MSN30011051

Medion MSN30011052

Medion MSN30011057

Medion MSN30011071

Medion MSN30011072

Medion MSN30011074

Medion MSN30011108

Medion MSN30011114

Medion MSN30011115

Medion MSN30011120

Medion MSN30011121

Medion MSN30011134

Medion MSN30011222

Medion MSN30011263

Medion MSN30011286

Medion MSN30011317

Medion MSN30011318

Medion MSN30011319

Medion MSN30011332

Medion MSN30011333

Medion MSN30011334

Medion MSN30011335

Medion MSN30011336

Medion MSN30011340

Medion MSN30011341

Medion MSN30011342

Medion MSN30011349

Medion MSN30011397

Medion MSN30011413

Medion MSN30011414

Medion MSN30011529

Medion MSN30011531

Medion MSN30011574

Medion MSN30011605

Medion MSN30011606

Medion MSN30011667

Medion MSN30011672

Medion MSN30011722

Medion MSN30011729

Medion MSN30011758

Medion MSN30011771

Medion MSN30011790

Medion MSN30011791

Medion MSN30011792

Medion MSN30011882

Medion MSN30011884

Medion MSN30011940

Medion MSN30011962

Medion MSN30011966

Medion MSN30011995

Medion MSN30011996

Medion MSN30012071

Medion MSN30012075

Medion MSN30012207

Medion MSN30012208

Medion MSN30012277

Medion MSN30012278

Medion MSN30012279

Medion MSN30012368

Medion MSN30012420

Medion MSN30012474

Medion MSN30012503

Medion MSN30012552

Medion MSN30012612

Medion MSN30012613

Medion MSN30012614

Medion MSN30012616

Medion MSN30012617

Medion MSN30012618

Medion MSN30012619

Medion MSN30012620

Medion MSN30012621

Medion MSN30012622

Medion MSN30012623

Medion MSN30012624

Medion MSN30012625

Medion MSN30012626

Medion MSN30012627

Medion MSN30012628

Medion MSN30012629

Medion MSN30012630

Medion MSN30012631

Medion MSN30012641

Medion MSN30012647

Medion MSN30012648

Medion MSN30012691

Medion MSN30012692

Medion MSN30012693

Medion MSN30012694

Medion MSN30012723

Medion MSN30012736

Medion MSN30012775

Medion MSN30012788

Medion MSN30012862

Medion MSN30012879

Medion MSN30012905

Medion MSN30012933

Medion MSN30013025

Medion MSN30013026

Medion MSN30013114

Medion MSN30013115

Medion MSN30013247

Medion MSN30013301

Medion MSN30013340

Medion MSN30013384

Medion MSN30013385

Medion MSN30013388

Medion MSN30013389

Medion MSN30013410

Medion MSN30013411

Medion MSN30013412

Medion MSN30013413

Medion MSN30013414

Medion MSN30013415

Medion MSN30013436

Medion MSN30013450

Medion MSN30013451

Medion MSN30013452

Medion MSN30013453

Medion MSN30013454

Medion MSN30013455

Medion MSN30013456

Medion MSN30013457

Medion MSN30013477

Medion MSN30013478

Medion MSN30013479

Medion MSN30013488

Medion MSN30013489

Medion MSN30013490

Medion MSN30013491

Medion MSN30013500

Medion MSN30013518

Medion MSN30013519

Medion MSN30013563

Medion MSN30013585

Medion MSN30013661

Medion MSN30013662

Medion MSN30013663

Medion MSN30013664

Medion MSN30013665

Medion MSN30013666

Medion MSN30013667

Medion MSN30013668

Medion MSN30013669

Medion MSN30013680

Medion MSN30013681

Medion MSN30013858

Medion MSN30013859

Medion MSN30013860

Medion MSN30013861

Medion MSN30013982

Medion MSN30013983

Medion MSN30013984

Medion MSN30013985

Medion MSN30013986

Medion MSN30013987

Medion MSN30013988

Medion MSN30013989

Medion MSN30013994

Medion MSN30013995

Medion MSN30014010

Medion MSN30014011

Medion MSN30014012

Medion MSN30014013

Medion MSN30014014

Medion MSN30014015

Medion MSN30014016

Medion MSN30014028

Medion MSN30014071

Medion MSN30014072

Medion MSN30014073

Medion MSN30014116

Medion MSN30014215

Medion MSN30014217

Medion MSN30014218

Medion MSN30014219

Medion MSN30014220

Medion MSN30014221

Medion MSN30014222

Medion MSN30014466

Medion MSN30014493

Medion MSN30014530

Medion MSN30014571

Medion MSN30014572

Medion MSN30014950

Medion MSN30014951

Medion MSN30014952

Medion MSN30014953

Medion MSN30014954

Medion MSN30014955

Medion MSN30014956

Medion MSN30014957

Medion MSN30014997

Medion MSN30015052

Medion MSN30015313

Medion MSN30015314

Medion MSN30015315

Medion MSN30015316

Medion MSN30015317

Medion MSN30015318

Medion MSN30015319

Medion MSN30015350

Medion MSN30015351

Medion MSN30015352

Medion MSN30015353

Medion MSN30015354

Medion MSN30015424

Medion MSN30015532

Medion MSN30015648

Medion MSN30015649

Medion MSN30015650

Medion MSN30015807

Medion MSN30015958

Medion MSN30015990

Medion MSN30016662

Medion MSN30016663

Medion MSN30016664

Medion MSN30016665

Medion MSN30016667

Medion MSN30016668

Medion MSN30016669

Medion MSN30016700

Medion MSN30016701

Medion MSN30016702

Medion MSN30016904

Medion MSN30016905

Medion MSN30017362

Medion MSN30017364

Medion MSN30017365

Medion MSN30017366

Medion MSN30017367

Medion MSN30017368

Medion MSN30017369

Medion MSN30017370

Medion MSN30017371

Medion MSN30017372

Medion MSN30017373

Medion MSN30017374

Medion MSN30017375

Medion MSN30017889

Medion MSN30017952

Medion MSN30018217

Medion MSN30018218

Medion MSN30018484

Medion MSN30018485

Medion MSN30018486

Medion MSN30018487

Medion MSN30018597

Medion MSN30018718

Medion MSN30018744

Medion MSN30019179

Medion MSN30019180


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